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AMC provides for a common culture and values across the Iowa Credit Union League and other AMC companies. The structure of AMC allows us to create collaboration and efficiencies by providing shared services of human resources, accounting, risk management, general counsel, marketing and communications, facilities management and technology support to all of the AMC companies.

A culture of ownership and innovation

The AMC family of companies have a shared mission to improve the financial lives of consumers. We do this through offering unparalleled compliance, advocacy, emerging markets, training and service expertise for our clients and consumers. Together, our shared mission, values and commitment to service excellence have led to our ongoing growth and success.

Being a part of a mission-driven organization means every employee matters. Our culture is one of ownership, where everyone is considered a leader. It is also a culture that values and encourages innovation in each field of excellence. Employees are recognized for their achievement and provided with professional development opportunities to learn and grow.

Our culture is guided by our core values:

  • People Matter
  • Collaborate for Results
  • Ownership Perspective
  • Embrace Change

People Matter.   Collaborate for Results.  Ownership Perspective.   Embrace Change.

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