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Company Culture

Connected by a mission.

The AMC family of companies have a shared mission to improve the financial lives of consumers. Being a part of a mission-driven organization means every employee matters. Our culture is one of ownership, where everyone is considered a leader. It is also a culture that values and encourages innovation in each field of excellence. Employees are recognized for their achievement and provided with professional development opportunities to learn and grow.

Our culture is guided by our core values:

  • People Matter
  • Collaborate for Results
  • Ownership Perspective
  • Embrace Change

Murray Williams"The AMC family of companies have had great success in growing through innovation, drive and mission alignment. Our leadership values each and every employee and their contributions to the greater good."

- Murray Williams, CEO, AMC

Stephanie Cox"AMC is a wonderful place to work. I truly feel valued and supported as an employee. My personal values align perfectly with AMC's values, especially the values of people matter and embrace change. Thank you, AMC, for making me feel thankful for where I work and for the consistent support of my role. "

- Natalie Mahoney, Public Affairs Specialist, PolicyWorks

Kolby Sinclair"AMC's culture is what drew me to the company when I was searching for a job. Now that I am here, I can't imagine being happier, more challenged or engaged anywhere else."

- Kolby Sinclair, Marketing Specialist II, AMC

Mark Boehm"I feel incredibly fortunate to work for such a fun, caring, and can-do organization that always strives to think bigger. The AMC culture is one of teamwork, collaboration and progression and the AMC family of companies embraces the ‘People Helping People’ mantra."

- Mark Boehm, Business Development Manager, AMC

People Matter.   Collaborate for Results.  Ownership Perspective.   Embrace Change.

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