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POSTED on January 4, 2019 IN ViClarity

If you're new to PolicyWorks, or curious what we're about, read on to learn about all of the great things we did for our clients in 2018, and why you might want to be one!

We blinked, and all of a sudden another year flew by. The PolicyWorks team is incredibly grateful for the opportunities we had in 2018 to provide great service, meet new people and help credit unions. As we reflect on the last year, we must say…there was a lot of greatness coming from the PolicyWorks team! In fact, our clients felt it too – giving PolicyWorks high marks on our recent client satisfaction survey. If you’re new to PolicyWorks, or curious what we’re about, read on to learn about all of the great things we did for our clients in 2018, and why you might want to be one!

Here’s our Top 10:

One of the joys of working on the PolicyWorks team is that each and every day we get to help someone. Whether it be with a question, some research or an audit, we love being helpful! Our League team answered more than 7,300 questions from our League Services Hotline in 2018. They also helped more than 560 different credit unions via the hotline this year – we hope we were able to help you!

Our shared compliance services had another full year of supporting Iowa and California credit unions. It was literally a full year – our calendars were booked solid…so much greatness!!

Members of our team traveled and presented across the country. Our thought leaders/regulatory experts presented trainings at multiple CUNA-sponsored events, League annual meetings, chapter meetings, etc. Interested in seeing where we will be in 2019? Click here.

We are currently working with almost 30 ComplySight clients. ComplySight is our web-based compliance management and tracking tool that helps organize your regulatory world. We provide this service through our partnership with InfoSight. This is definitely a must-add item to your 2019 compliance goals. Give us a call or click here to learn more!

We presented 4 townhall webinars in 2018 and sent 24 state-customized newsletters. We pride ourselves on being able to share the latest news and updates to credit unions, so they can be prepared for upcoming rule changes and maintain good ongoing compliance.

One of the awesome benefits of working for PolicyWorks is our commitment to giving back to the communities in which we live and play. This year our teams volunteered at the Food Bank of Iowa, raised money for the Iowa Credit Union Foundation, and supported our local United Way.

We set a new record for the number of ACH Audits completed in a year! We almost snagged another record for the number of BSA Audits we completed as well…I guess there’s always next year…

We assisted a California credit union with a really cool project this year, helping them create and structure a short-term Payday Alternative Loan program to help their members. We love helping credit unions think outside of the box to develop new products and services to serve more members!

Another really cool opportunity we were invited to be a part of was the collaborative development of the ITIN Lending Guide with Filene Research Institute, Coopera and Inclusiv. We were also able to present on this project during the 2018 Iowa Credit Union Convention. For more information about this game-changing project, visit https://filene.org/do-something/programs/non-citizen-lending.

Drumroll please…the #1 moment for PolicyWorks this year was the announcement of our new CEO, Miriam De Dios Woodward. Why is she #1? Well, you’ll soon find out…Miriam is working on how to make PolicyWorks an even better resource for credit unions in 2019 and beyond, if you can imagine us even better?! The future is bright for PolicyWorks – we hope you’ll continue this journey with us to see what happens next.

From the PolicyWorks team, we wish everyone a joyful and prosperous 2019!


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